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history of bordash design

From the beginning

Bordash Design was conceived around 2009, when I began to see the economy shifting from the crash of 2008. I felt it was time to extend my
options, as the company I was working for, no longer could sustain my department, and I began the process of setting up a digital media
design company, with all of the design flavors generated from the many industries and companies that I have worked for.

Early years

In my earlier years, I developed a fondness for drawing, and began sketching and painting character portraits. Around that time, I was learning drafting in high school and after graduation, began work as a draftsman with the R&D division of Bennet Industries. A year later, I moved to Orange County, where I worked as a draftsman for Mcdonnell Douglas (Boeing), and Rockwell International.

My introduction to graphics design started with an audio company called “Great American Sound or GAS” They converted my drafting skills into a graphics design skills. Eventually I moved to Orange County, and would later use my graphics skills to supervise 6 other artist at “Starcrest” (a mail order house) out of Paris CA. Moving on from Starcrest, I worked with two acoustical engineering companies as their graphics artist, who would later become my clients.

First business

In 1985, my wife and I started a typesetting and graphics business that lasted over nine years. Eventually our services were being done in-house by our clients, and we were forced to close the doors. For the next four years, I worked for Rosemount Analytical until the graphics department was closed down. At that time, desktop publishing was still young, but I was gaining skills, especially while working for Bergen Brunswig Pharmaceutical, different Printers and Ad Agencies.

Eventually I attended Platt College and finished a certificate course in multimedia, which offered instruction in 3-D modeling animation video editing HTML and CD-ROM programming. After Platt College, I work for design companies, printers, and eventually for ACI sports. Where I use my multimedia skills in web development and video editing.

Introduction to Maya

I began learning Autodesk Maya while working for G/M Business Interiors in Riverside CA, the owner was looking for better solutions when it came to representing product, thru renderings and animations.

For the next seven years, I developed all of there renderings and animations, along with their sales tools, web media, truck graphics and promotional materials. Then the economic downturn required them to dissolve my department. It was then, after trying to find work for over a year, that I began the legal process of starting my own company.
Why Choose Us
With over 30 years of experience, we have contributed to a wide variety of industries, such as ad agencies, pharmaceutical, process instrumentation, mechanical design, Injection mold design, audio component design, acoustical engineering, aerospace, business interior design, technology and extreme sports manufacturers.
We offer a wide variety of design products, such as: 3D modeling, animation, VR 360 pano's, photo editing, ad design, promotional and sales support materials, package design, point of purchase, presentations, apparel designs, trailer graphics, Web and Flash development.
We currently run 3 dual quad core Mac Pro computers, which offers 24 cores of processing power, running at speeds between 2.26 and 2.8 gigHz on multi terabyte drives.
We use Autodesk Maya for our 3-D Modeling and Animation work. For rendering, we use Chaos V-Ray. For our graphics design work, we use the Adobe Creative Suite line of products.
Skill Sets
85%Photo Editing
80%3D Modeling
80%Web Elements Design
75%Ad Design
80%Promotional Design